Dark Messiah

Dark Messiah 1.0

Dark Messiah - Might and Magic - deliver your rage

In Dark Messiah, you are Sareth, young apprentice to Phenrig, a powerful wizard. He has raised you for a single purpose : to learn the arts of magic and war.
At the beginning of the game you are sent to the Free City of Stonehelm to the mage Menelag, a friend of your master, to help him retrieve the Skull of Shadows, an ancient artifact, the only remaining relic of Sar-Elam.

This almighty wizard used it in the distant past to create the prison that sealed the demon hordes away. Only the Skull can seal the prison permanently or destroy it and unleash the demon armies upon the world.

However, learning of the Skull's discovery, but unaware of its location, an undead army march on Stonehelm. Their exact agenda is unknown...

Allied with Menelag's niece, the young mage Leanna, and with the Menelag's help you undertake this quest.

But upon your journey, looms the shadow of the Dark Messiah, and what you will discover may be powerful enough to shatter worlds...

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